HALIFAX – You may have noticed that your grocery bill increases slowly, allowing you to get less for your money.

One food policy expert says the average family of four can expect to pay about $ 800 more a year for food.

Professor Sylvain Charlebois, from Dalhousie University’s Agricultural Food Analysis Laboratory in Halifax, says that food prices will continue to rise through the fall and winter.

“When it comes to food inflation or inflation in general, things are not looking good for the fall or winter,” explained Charlebois.

“We are seeing a lot of pressure points that could make everything in our economy more expensive.”

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Charlebois believes that inflation, particularly that related to food prices, should become a problem in federal elections.

“It’s not two-three percent, it’s like seven-eight percent. That’s a lot, ”Charlebois said.

“That’s probably more than $ 800 in groceries that you have to pay more a year for a family of four. Then add “.

Charlebois pointed to unpredictability as a major factor in price inflation, noting that last week there was a problem with coffee and this week with wheat.

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“Wheat is just one example, it costs almost $ 8 a bushel, the all-time high is $ 9 a bushel,” Charlebois added.

“The processors, the bakers, everyone who buys flour will have to pay more and, ultimately, that will affect us.”

Charlebois noted that peanut butter, which has been priced the same for 21 years, saw an eight percent price increase this year.

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