Canadian Bookmakers That Allows Single Bets


Betting options from betting lines can be combined, thus forming different types of bets. They differ from each other both in the number of results and in the method of calculation. Single, Express, and System are the most common types of betting. 

We will focus on the most used type of betting among bookmakers’ clients. That is a single bet which includes the expected outcome of just one event. The player selects an online event with trusted odds and makes a bet. Whether or not the selection is successful, he receives his winnings. The number of winnings will correspond to the product of the bet amount and the odds. The advantage of this type of bet is its relative simplicity because, unlike other types, it is necessary to predict only one result.

Canadian Betting Laws

Compared to other developed countries, Canada’s betting laws are significantly stricter. As of last year, single-game betting became legalized in 7 Canadian provinces as Bill C-218 was passed. It was the government’s effort to redirect money into government funds rather than offshore sites. Changes in the law allowed the online betting industry to flourish, with many sites jumping on the new opportunity. 

Nonetheless, that still leaves other provinces to resort to offshore websites. Although it legalizes single-game betting, the law was focused on decentralizing the law-making. Provinces will decide if they legalize single-game wagers and how they will be regulated. 

Offshore Betting Sites for Single Bets

It is not uncommon for offshore companies to be some of the world’s leading betting names, such as Betway, Unibet, LeoVegas, and many more. Some smaller-scale bookmakers have implemented Canadian laws to continue their expansion, according to Cabets. Besides offering Canadians the opportunity to place single sports bets, these companies have done so safely and securely. In addition to holding licenses from some of the most rigorous licensing bodies, these sites ensure Canadians can bet safely, knowing their money is safe. Canadian bettors benefit from the vast number of betting companies that provide them services. As they have access to competitive odds, great promotions, and bonuses.

Furthermore, offshore sites have also made it possible for bettors to wager on single events on many of their favorite sports. With the help of these sites, Canadian sports gamblers have been able to continue their hobby of sports gambling. Many of them will feel a sense of loyalty to these sites. No doubt there will be fierce competition for customers, and this goes to the advantage of the bettor, as competitors will strive to provide the best odds. Since it is a new market in Canada, you can expect bookmakers to go above and beyond to attract players.

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