Canadevi Puebla seeks to generate real estate projects for the SEP

Puebla, Pue. Upon confirmation of the Secretary of Public Education (SEP) on its process of decentralization to the entity in three stages, starting in November, the National Chamber of the Housing Development and Promotion Industry (Canadevi) local, offered to present projects to generate a real estate offer for public servants who come to the entity.

Alberto Moreno Gómez Monroy, president of the organization, explained that the federal agency should be planning to generate housing supply for workers who are from Mexico City and not have short-term problems about where to take them.

He indicated that if one speaks of 8,000 employees of the SEP in central offices, then the developers, could raise a first lot of 500 houses of average residential type that ranges between 600,000 and 700,000 pesos, which would represent an investment of 350 million pesos.

He commented that unlike other entities that would also receive federal agencies, Puebla It is the best prepared to act quickly to generate the necessary supply, since it has access roads to facilitate connectivity to the center and south of the country, as well as enough real estate developments.

He commented that these factors do not have them, for example Merida and Chetumal where will the secretariats of the Environment and Natural Resources (Semarnat) and of sightseeing, respectively, which will have to work to receive them and guarantee their functionality.

“As far as we know, the head of the SEP, Delfina Gómez and part of her first team are going to arrive in Puebla for the remainder of 2021, but they may not have a problem finding a home, however, the rest of the squad will. it will require a suitable place, therefore, that offer has to be foreseen for next year ”, he deepened.


Moreno Gómez pointed out that the housing offer that would be made for personnel of the SEP, will be independent of the annual goal, which for 2022 is projected 19,000 properties, although it could be adjusted to less depending on the behavior of the Covid-19 pandemic.

He stressed that they are not “married” to the idea of ​​generating an offer for the SEP, but it will help the sector in having houses that they are sure will be placed quickly according to the migration plans of the personnel.

In this vein, he urged the agency to provide more accurate information on how decentralization is going towards Puebla to have a better projection of what they can offer in housing.

He indicated that at least 15 developers are interested in making the offer, if the SEP You will request that participation or work on your own, but knowing precise figures on the migration of personnel.

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