Canada’s Catholic Bishops Apologize to Indigenous Peoples for Residential Schools

The Catholic bishops of Canada have apologized to the indigenous peoples of Canada for the residential schools.

After “months” of meetings and conversations with First Nations, Metis and Inuit leaders and communities, the bishops issued the apology and expressed their remorse in a statement on Friday.

“We acknowledge the suffering experienced in Canadian Indian residential schools”, they said in their statement. “… We, the Catholic bishops of Canada, express our deep regret and unequivocally apologize.”

The group recognized the participation of Catholic communities and dioceses in the system, “which led to the suppression of indigenous languages, culture and spirituality, without respecting the rich history, traditions and wisdom of indigenous peoples.”

They also acknowledged and apologized for the “ongoing and historical trauma and the legacy of suffering and challenges faced by indigenous peoples that continue to this day.”

The bishops then promised fundraising campaigns across Canada to address the initiatives raised after consulting with Indigenous partners.

They asked Indigenous Peoples to help their dioceses prioritize “healing initiatives, to listen to the experience of Indigenous Peoples, especially the survivors of Indigenous Residential Schools, and to educate our clergy, consecrated men and women and lay faithful. on indigenous culture, cultures and spirituality “.

The bishops also promised to provide documentation and records to find and commemorate those buried in nameless graves.

More to come.

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