Canacintra Puebla expects increases in food and input prices

Puebla, Pue. The costs of food and supplies they will continue to rise towards the second half of 2022 due to the prices of natural gas and electricity, which will affect consumers; In addition, it will impact sectors such as glass, plastics, steel and textiles, predicts Víctor Trejo Jiménez, president of the Energy Committee of the National Chamber of the Transformation Industry (Canacintra).

He attributed the above to the conflict between Russia and Ukraine, as well as to the lack of investment in infrastructure in Mexico, not only in this 2022 but in previous years, a situation that is never taken into account by federal authorities in order to prevent this type of crisis. .

The leader stated that the natural gas price doubled in the last year, while there is little availability of clean energy. In addition, the situation is worrying, since high electricity rates and increases in natural gas reduce the competitiveness of local companies.

He explained that the industrial electricity rate in Mexico it is up to 104% more expensive in medium voltage in relation to that reported in Texas, United States, while the price of gas began to rise last year and, “in the coming months there will be a difficult situation in costs of energy”.

He argued that despite the program to contain inflation presented by the federal government, it is estimated that energy costs will continue to rise and will affect the price of consumer products.

Trejo Jiménez indicated that entrepreneurs in some sectors must take into consideration the situation of natural gas and electricity for their production processes.

He considered that the producers are making efforts to contain their prices, but it is also necessary for the federal government to respond in the short term, because otherwise it is difficult to remain unchanged on the value of the merchandise.

The president of the chamber recognized that there is too much uncertainty about the immediate future, “a summer with strong heat is expected and this will cause gas prices to be pressured.”

He indicated that all industrial sectors are making adjustments in terms of processes, to produce according to demand and avoid having merchandise stored.

He explained that as long as the conflict between Russia and Ukrainethe markets will continue to escalate prices worldwide, which in the case of Mexico is felt by the production chains and consumers.

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