Queretaro, Qro. Due to the fact that in 2021 the recovery of the industry advanced, it is expected that the 800 companies affiliated with the National Chamber of the Transformation Industry (Canacintra) local comply with the distribution of profits.

the president of Canacintra in Querétaro, Esaú Magallanes Alonso, explained that 2021 represented a clear recovery for the industry, which translates into profits. Profit sharing is seen as a way to stimulate productivity in companies.

“The industry would be nothing without the workforce of men and women who provide skills and knowledge for the operation of companies (…) we recognize the fundamental participation of workers in the generation of profits,” he declared.

According to the industrialist, the participation of workers in profits, and their right to receive them, translate into labor peace.

In this context, the participation of women in state industry was also highlighted, since it is estimated that 124,000 –31% of women who are part of the economically active population– are employed in industrial companies.

Faced with this scenario, the state leader of Canacintra He highlighted that the industry has the challenge of strengthening the preparation of the personnel that is employed in the secondary activities of the state.

Therefore, the chamber seeks to generate dual training systems, so that graduates have the skills to enter the labor market.

This initiative, he explained, seeks to be a solution to the problem that various industries have detected that take up to seven months to train a person to start working.

“They have detected personnel who are not sufficiently trained, for example; on the aerospace issue they told us that there are companies where it takes up to six, seven months to train engineers who leave school, so that they can start working”, he highlighted.

Esaú Magallanes stressed that it is necessary to make the transition of graduates to the labor market more efficient.

“The idea is that from the beginning, since they are in school, the last years they are already focused on what the company needs and go to work, then that will make our workforce more efficient,” he said.

work sources

Meanwhile, he added that the industry has the challenge of generating sources of employment that allow it to absorb the demand in the state.

The processing industry is the main employer in Queretaroby generating 237,196 formal jobs, 36.7% of the 646,893 jobs registered with the Mexican Social Security Institute (IMSS).

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