Canacar requests to install alert center in Querétaro

Queretaro, Qro. Faced with the incidence of theft from carriers and cargo in various regions of the country, the National Chamber of Freight Transportation (Canacar) urged that an alert center be created in the entity that is led by security corporations.

The proposal proposes that a base be established in which security elements of the three levels of government are coordinated, in order to give prompt attention to both criminal acts and traffic.

The national president of Canacar, José Ramón Medrano Ibarra, said that it is urgent that coordinated actions be generated between the three levels of government. “The security challenge is not minor for the corridor region Center-Bajiowhere almost 90% of the merchandise circulating in the country is mobilized”.

“Unfortunately, it is also one of the most active centers of crime. It is urgent to implement coordinated actions between the security instances of the three orders, to reduce theft of freight transport. He requested your support to install an immediate alert center in the entity, which allows monitoring the passage of trucks and merchandise, ”he explained.

In the same way, he proposed that actions be generated to improve mobility. Likewise, he spoke out against charging local transit permits, because they already pay this charge at the federal level.

According to information provided by Canacar, in January there were 1,046 robberies of cargo trucks, which means an annual increase of 4% nationwide. Almost 91% of all events were recorded in 10 states, among which is Queretaro. However, in January, in the entity there were 55 incidents of this type.

Taking protest as a local Canacar delegate, Miguel Ángel Bres García, joined the call to establish a warning center that links the National Guardas well as municipal and state security corporations.

“Insecurity is a reality that affects the logistics sector and the companies that transport goods by land (…) (Through the center) we seek to concentrate the authorities of the three levels of government in the regions with the highest incidence to activate a protocol for reaction to robbery claims and road accidents”, he explained.

Meanwhile, the Querétaro de Canacar delegation will launch a heritage security committee, in which security strategies and programs will also be developed.

Training center

The delegate of the chamber in the state added that during his administration he will also strive to install the first training center for cargo trucking operators.

Having a center of this type is the answer to the need of organizations to offer better development conditions to collaborators, he added.

“The importance of having this training center lies in contributing to the dignity of freight transport. It is essential to recognize that our activity is a professional and essential industry for life, achieving the above would not be possible if we do not have the support of local and state authorities, ”he explained.

In Querétaro, the logistics sector provides approximately 15,000 jobs, in addition to contributing almost 10% of the Gross Domestic Product (GDP), explained the governor, Mauricio Kuri Gonzalez.

Given the calls to establish security mechanisms, he pointed out that the state administration spends 4,000 million pesos on surveillance systems, which will be invested in 64 security arches, 3,000 cameras and drones that will fly over the 18 municipalities of the state.

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