Regional elections 2021: A second term for Jean Rottner or a work-study program in the Grand-Est? – 20 Minutes

  • The health crisis linked to Covid-19 has postponed regional elections by six months. The National Assembly has fixed, in mid-February, the election dates for June 13 and 20.
  • Four months before the election, 20 Minutes takes stock of the candidates declared or announced to succeed Jean Rottner, president of the Grand-Est region since October 2017.
  • Few candidates have officially announced their candidacy for an election which could well be an eternal restart for the strongly anchored Republican right, particularly in Alsace.

Slightly less well elected in 2017 than his predecessor Philippe Richert (LR) who had left office prematurely, Jean Rottner (LR), current president of the Grand-Est region has still not revealed his intentions for these regional elections. Scheduled for March but postponed due to the health crisis, they will finally be held on June 13 and 20.

Even if everything can suggest that he will run for a new mandate, in a region traditionally anchored to the right, the outgoing president is not the only one to remain on his reserve. So that the head of the official list can be counted on two fingers of one hand … Only four months before the opening of the ballot box, negotiations in the Grand-Est region are going well. A brief overview of the forces involved.

Jean Rottner very silent

So far, not a word. An emergency physician by trade, Jean Rottner keeps his diagnosis to himself. The elected Alsatian is now clearly identified with the French as a central figure in the Grand-Est region, in particular thanks to his media presence on the management of the Covid-19 crisis. Feats of arms on orders for masks, sluggish vaccination campaign described as a “state scandal”, his sense of anticipation, hit the mark. If the path seems well marked, the former mayor of Mulhouse must however keep an eye on the Alsatian minister and former president of the Haut-Rhin general council Brigitte Klinkert in his rearview mirror with her Renaissance list. The latter could well offend him or at least give him a hard time as long as it is pushed by LREM, which could well be the case according to our colleagues from the Figaro.

Bérangère Abba, really top of the LREM-Modem list?

Things seemed clear to LREM who had appointed the Secretary of State Secretary in charge of Biodiversity Bérangère Abba, elected from Haute-Marne, as leader. But his lack of notoriety might not do the trick. Hence the appearance of the name of Brigitte Klinkert, very involved in the creation of the European Collectivity of Alsace (CEA), as potential head of the list. The elected Haut-Rhinoise can count on the support of many deputies of the region, a strong capital sympathy of the Alsatians and a solid local anchoring. What to seduce the presidential party.

Laurent Jacobelli, head of the list for the RN

A political upheaval that could well benefit the National Rally (RN), in ambush. While the list was to be led by Virginie Joron, the current president of the RN group of the regional council, it is finally
Laurent Jacobelli who was named head of the list. Originally from the Vosges, he has already tried the adventure of regional in the Grand-Est in 2015 but for Debout la France. National secretary to elected officials and spokesperson for the RN, his program “will correspond to that deployed by all the candidates of the RN, and this is normal”, the party tells us. A program that has not yet been communicated.

Eliane Romani, head of the list for environmentalists

The ecologists, full of hopes after their rise to the municipal elections (and victories in particular in Strasbourg or Schiltigheim) are the first in order of battle after an alliance with five other ecological parties (Génération. S, Génération Ecologie, the Mouvement des progressistes, the Independent Ecologist Alliance and CAP 21). If EELV has no outgoing elected representatives to present in this ballot, all the lights are green for their designated head of the list, Eliane Romani. Aged 63, engaged for twenty years with the Greens then EELV, this former deputy mayor of Thionville announces her desire to “counter the” start-up region “project of Jean Rottner”.

On the left, an “Unpublished Appeal”, a union of the left?

No head of the list designated for the moment among the Socialists. Discussions would exist with environmentalists via elected officials from Strasbourg and Nancy. But the Socialist Party must for the moment manage the “Inédit Appeal” for the Grand-Est, launched by the socialist Pernelle Richardot, regional councilor and municipal councilor of Strasbourg, the Insoumise MP Caroline Fiat and the former minister Aurélie Filippetti . A call that proposes to bring together all the forces of the left around them. As for the PCF, which has already chosen as leader Hülliya Turan, deputy mayor of Strasbourg, and Bora Yilmaz, deputy mayor of Nancy, it is also calling for a gathering of leftist forces.

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