Campaign in Marie-Victorin: Candidates will avoid seniors’ residences

Faced with warnings from experts, the main candidates for the by-election in Marie-Victorin will avoid visiting residences for seniors, in the midst of the 6th wave of COVID-19.

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The visit of CAQ candidate Shirley Dorismond to the Habitats Lafayette seniors’ residence in Longueuil on Saturday prompted disapproving comments from public health specialists.

“You should be well placed to understand that your non-essential visit to an RPA in the midst of the 6th wave puts the people living there at risk. You should set an example, ”commented Nathalie Grandvaux, professor at the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Montreal, in response to a publication by the candidate, and nurse by profession, on Twitter.

Ms. Dorismond’s team now ensures that no new visits to seniors’ residences (RPA) are planned between now and the election, next Monday. “It was simply not planned for this week,” says its press officer, Sarah Bigras.

“We are of course very careful and respect all the rules in place and we take every precaution to protect the most vulnerable,” she adds.


The other candidates also promise to avoid bringing the virus into RPAs.

“We were in two RPAs, while wearing the mask, at the start of the campaign. But from the start of the 6th wave, we decided to suspend these visits. We are certainly not going to do it between now and the election,” explains PQ press secretary Pierre Nantel.

“We hope that others will do the same,” he adds.

At Quebec solidaire, candidate Shophika Vaithyanathasarma tested positive for COVID-19 and must already campaign from home until next Thursday.

Her team also points out that the candidate has not visited such residences since the announcement of her candidacy, favoring telephone calls and other places where she could meet seniors.

Same story with the Liberals, where candidate Émilie Nollet does not plan to visit any RPA by election day.

The head of communications for the Conservative Party of Quebec did not return our call.

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