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Officially, a third of the season has been played and the Montreal Canadiens have yet to win two games in a row. The Canadiens were strong in their last game, but still lost to Tampa Bay allowing two late goals.

Thursday night it was the Chicago Blackhawks at the Bell Center, and it was another loss for Montreal, which fell 2-0.

Wilde Horses

It’s hard to stand out in this one, but three Canadians did it regardless.

Alexander Romanov continues to look better in every game. Her decision making is safer and her dialing of her man is also being more controlled.

However, what really sets Romanov apart right now is how physical he is at all times. Every time Romanov has a chance to take over the body, he is taking down his opponent with power. Once he does, he is also in control to continue in a good defensive position as the play progresses.

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One can also feel that Romanov is building a reputation for himself in the league, because there is often a bit of fear on the part of the opposing player now to go to the corner first. They know that if they go first, they will be crushed by Romanov.

That kind of reputation will only grow for this 21-year-old, and that will make him a more feared opponent, which also means a better one. Romanov still makes a strange mistake like Chicago’s second goal as he was too nonchalant with his cross pass, but overall, Romanov is working it out.

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The other player who seemed to have a bit more jumping than his teammates was Cole Caufield, who might have been the only Habs player who seemed to be carrying some speed during the competition. Nothing came out on the scoreboard, but Caufield, little by little, seems more like he belongs to the NHL.

No one is going to really stand out on this team this season, but if Caufield can continue to feel more comfortable with his speed, keep his legs pumping, and hit some quality shots every night, then he can take advantage of that upcoming season.

The final noteworthy Canadian is Jake Allen, who is riding his best streak of the season with a save percentage of more than .920 in his last half dozen. Allen keeps the Habs competitive, even in games they don’t score, allowing Marc-Andre Fleury his 500th career win.

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Wild goats

The longer the match went by without a goal, the clearer it became that it was one of those matches where you win the first goal.

What was shocking wasn’t that Chicago got the goal midway through the second period on the power play. Montreal is the 31st ranked team in the league on penalties for killing, so this was pretty credible. The shocking thing is that it was the first goal of this season for Jonathan Toews in his 26th game.

Montreal put together another game where they competed hard, but when a team isn’t chasing the playoffs, they have to entertain.

This game was such a low event that it’s hard to find moments to write about. The Canadiens are trying to listen to their head coach and not reveal any rush. It’s good in theory, but in practice, it means the Canadiens defend themselves well while creating very little.

There are over 21,000 fans who know the playoffs are out of the question, so they need to entertain themselves at least a little bit. However, congratulations to the fans. They have accepted the nature of this season and the boos have been kept to a minimum even though any action has also been kept to a minimum.

However, in the long run, this team has to entertain more. It is unacceptable that there are no goals in their own arena for their own fans.

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Call of the Wilde!

Call of the Wilde!

Wilde’s Letters

There is a popular movie called Moneyball. It’s a true story about Oakland Athletics general manager Billy Beane who transformed baseball by embracing analytics. Written by Michael Lewis, Moneyball It’s a fascinating story from the beginning of analytics, but it also has some tremendous anecdotes on other sports topics.

One theme of the book is the difficult relationship between a general manager and his coach. Beane and Art Howe, it is described, did not get along very well. Beane was unable to fire his field manager due to the team’s budget, so he had to fix some of Howe’s problems.

According to Lewis, the author, the worst part was that Howe would not play with the lineup that Beane wanted. This included some rookies with no action due to Howe’s preference for veterans. Beane also favored players who had the best on-base percentage, but winning baseball during that era made managers more concerned with batting average.

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The Athletics were stuck in the basement of the division at the time, until Beane realized the only way to get his favorite players onto the field was to trade the players Howe liked.

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Howe had no choice. Howe had only the young players left, so they eventually entered the games. The Athletics went on to win the pennant.

There is no playoff spot here for the Montreal Canadiens. The moral of this story is that if you can’t get Dominique Ducharme to play with the children, then keep the children away from Dominique Ducharme.

Mattias Norlinder is a future hope in the NHL, but he couldn’t get into the lineup in Montreal, and if he did, he might not have enough minutes. Billy Beane came in, or in this case, Jeff Gorton.

Gorton moved Norlinder to the minors at Laval. In his first game, Norlinder got on the power play and lo and behold, he finally scored his first goal.

It was a move that had to be made, because Norlinder told a European media outlet that things are so untenable that he wants to go back abroad.

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You can argue back and forth where it is best for Norlinder: Europe, Montreal or Laval. That is a debate for another day. However, it cannot be argued that wherever he is, Norlinder needs to be on the ice a lot to improve. Six minutes under Ducharme is not a career opportunity.

Hopefully Gorton doesn’t have to ‘Billy Beane’ his ‘Art Howe’ for Cole Caufield, Jesse Ylonen, Alexander Romanov, and Ryan Poehling next. Looking at the ice times for young players against Chicago, Ducharme still isn’t getting the message.

Brian Wilde, a Montreal-based sports writer, brings you Call of the Wilde on after every Canadiens game.

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