While the authorities are currently insisting on vaccination to fight Covid-19, the “Contact tracing”, which consists of tracing the circuits of contamination, remains an integral part of the sanitary arsenal.

Each person who tests positive for SARS-CoV-2 must transmit to Medicare all his risky contacts in the previous days, that is to say in direct contact without effective protection within 2 meters, regardless of the duration (conversation, meal, flirtation, hugs, hugs for example) or having shared more than a quarter of an hour in an enclosed space, depending on the official definition.

If you are or have recently been infected with Covid, how did this “contact tracing” go for you? Have you been contacted by Medicare? Have you communicated the contact details of all your relatives and family, or only the unvaccinated? Did you prefer to remain discreet so as not to annoy them and impose PCR tests or isolation on them? Did you also identify the places where you had met strangers?

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