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Elections Calgary is set to open the polls for the municipal elections this fall, but with some changes.

The new district boundaries will go into effect on Election Day on October 18.

Third-party advertisers are now part of the electoral landscape, along with a $ 30,000 donation limit for them.

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It will be another pandemic election for Calgarians, with corresponding strategies to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Ballots have already been mailed to the more than 7,352 eligible voters who requested them.

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On the ballot: Should Albertans eliminate the clock change twice a year?

On the ballot: Should Albertans eliminate the clock change twice a year?

With each ballot occupying a full legal-size sheet of paper, Calgar residents will decide on:

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  • mayor and council
  • school board trustee
  • whether or not to add fluoride to city water
  • up to three candidates for the Senate
  • whether or not to adopt daylight saving time throughout the year, and
  • whether or not to eliminate the equality of the Constitution

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Early polls open from October 4 to 10 in 37 polling stations, 11 more than in the last elections. Four campuses will offer advance surveys: University of Calgary, Mount Royal University, Bow Valley College, and SAIT.

Elections Calgardens advises Calgarians to vote early to help minimize the rush on voting day.

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Calgary Decision: Will the future of downtown become an electoral issue?

Calgary Decision: Will the future of downtown become an electoral issue?

Where to vote on Election Day

There will be 22 more polling stations open on October 18, bringing the total to 188, and voting will open from 8 a.m. M. At 8 p. M.

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Voting tables will be set up in four hospitals in the city.

It is part of an attempt to avoid long lines like those seen in 2017, with each station having enough ballots for its voting subdivision.

“Our goal is really to provide that safe environment for voters, for our poll workers and for the tellers,” said counting officer Kate Martin.

“Our goal really is to offer as many opportunities as we can and distribute to voters throughout the city.

“Designated voting stations will support more predictable voter turnout, which better manages our capacity within the voting stations.”

Citizens of Calgar can find their nearest electoral college at the Elections Canada website.

The vote tabulation machines will be used for the 2021 general elections, after their successful use in the Olympic plebiscite.

“Every tabulator and associated software is thoroughly insecurely tested before, during and after use in this election,” said Deputy City Clerk Andrew Brouwer.

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Brouwer added that the tabs are set to prevent outside attacks.

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“When the results are transmitted, it is simply over a private, secure and one-way network that would not provide the opportunity for that type of hacking. It is not networked like a normal computer would be. “

Care for COVID-19

All poll workers are required to be masked and voters are required to wear a mask under the city’s Covering of Pandemic Faces Ordinance.

Hand sanitizer will be available and surfaces will be cleaned frequently.

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What COVID-19 precautions are being taken on voting day?

What COVID-19 precautions are being taken on voting day?

Wherever possible, separate entrances and exits will be used, desks will be spaced apart, and small room capacities will be observed.

Voters are asked to bring their own pens, but golf pens will be available if voters do not bring one.

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Calgar residents are asked to complete their voter declaration prior to arrival, which will be mailed to all households prior to Election Day.

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Election Calgary will also offer curbside voting.

“Voters with mobility problems or who cannot or refuse to wear a mask will be offered a vote on the sidewalk, outside,” Martin said. “It is very important to note that this will not be a routine service, so there may be additional wait times for anyone requesting an external vote.”

While not all poll workers will be mandated to be fully vaccinated against COVID-19, some polling station locations have existing policies that require vaccination.

And voters are asked not to visit any of the polling stations if they have Symptoms of COVID-19.

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Election officials will work closely with corporate security and the Calgary Police Service on Election Day, and supervisors at polling stations are trained in de-escalation techniques.

On Tuesday, CPS Deputy Chief Chad Tawfik told the Calgary Police Commission that CPS officers attended a dozen calls on Election Day for the federal elections, and one call resulted in an alleged assault and criminal charges.

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There are 27 candidates running for mayor and 100 candidates hope to fill the district’s 14 seats.

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