Caintra congratulates Francisco Cervantes Díaz on his appointment as president of the CCE

Monterey, NL. The Chamber of the Transformation Industry of Nuevo León (Caintra), on behalf of the industrialists of the state and as a member of the Executive Commission of the Business Coordinating Council (ECC) extended congratulations to Francisco Cervantes Díaz for his new position as president of the CCE, from where he will continue to work for the economic and social development of Mexico.

“Just as we did with Francisco Cervantes when he headed the Confederation of Industrial Chambers (Concamin), since Caintra We will seek and collaborate so that the CCE’s efforts and proposals focus on promoting SMEs as the engine of development, as they are the country’s first line of social defense,” the agency said in a statement.

They considered that the new leadership within the CCE has the experience and vision to lead the business sector in Mexico in these times of uncertainty and economic recovery. “As members of the Executive Committee of the CCE we offer our experience and tools for the development of the industrial sector and SMEs at a national level”, proposed Caintra.

“Similarly, we recognize Carlos Salazar Lomelinfor his leadership at the head of the business sector in these years, maintaining a frank and open dialogue towards constructive proposals with the federal authority.


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