Cabinet, mistakes are learning

The head of the Interior, Adán Augusto López, was in charge of announcing the changes in important Executive offices, changes made based on the premise of a headline in El Economista: there are no mistakes, only learning.

This is how Rogelio Jiménez Pons will be used in the infrastructure works in the Undersecretary of Transportation in the SICT, regardless of the troubles caused by the Mayan Train. Javier May arrives from Bienestar, not exactly covered in glory.

As the classic said, it has been as it has been, the changes hide inefficiencies and, except for a change with a stamp of 24, the rest seem to indicate something unacceptable for any baseball manager: there are few reliable people left on the bench.

Does not change the script of the pandemic

Perhaps they are right, they want to criticize the Government of the Republic for its erratic attitude in handling the pandemic, first downplaying it and then with the closure of all non-essential activities in the economy.

Time, implacable judge, will assign responsibilities and blame, it is still too early to do so, when Mexico faces the third wave of Covid 19 and perhaps will face a fourth. We do not know.

In addition to the painful cost in lives, authorities and society suffer the economic, labor and social cost of the closure of 2020, the reason for the government and society, in thunderous silence, to repeat over and over again: never again closures!

The difficult score for dialogue

Although sometimes the deputies Ignacio Mier and Sergio Gutiérrez Luna get carried away by their rowdy impetus, the score for Morena officials and politicians is clear: dialogue with everyone about the reforms proposed by the President.

It is in Bucareli where, six-yearly style, they do not change a comma to the score and reveal that they will soon summon other opposition political forces and private sector organizations to a dialogue like the one they are already tempting with the PAN.

What they do not say is that all these dialogues will be carried out in faithful compliance with the presidential rule dictated to the head of Bucareli, talk to everyone, dialogue with everyone, negotiate with everyone, but never with everyone together.


For young people: in 1902, in “El Heraldo de México” it was emphasized that the decentralization of the health sector was only the decentralization of deficiencies… The message recorded by President Andrés Manuel López Obrador for the consuls and ambassadors gathered in the chancellery in harmony with what Foreign Minister Marcelo Ebrard stated, that the programs for Central America are just the seed of a Latin American community… The new head of Welfare, Ariadna Montiel, studied at UNAM and participated in the CEU movement. A goal for Claudia Sheinbaum? … It has already become clear that the 15 million Moderna vaccines received by Mexico were donated by the United States. In case someone was kept awake by it… Mexico gave asylum to Zahra Mosawi, who was commissioner of the right to information in Afghanistan. Obviously he is being protected from Taliban persecution… Good advice from CS Lewis: “you are never too old to set yourself a new goal or dream a new dream”…

Joseph Fonseca

Political Journalist

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