By electoral calculation they ignore the IP

“The time to review the past must come to an end, now please let us think about the possible Mexico,” said the still president of the Business Coordinating Council Carlos Salazar at the seminar “Vision of the future: Mexico 2042.”

Eighteen months before the 2024 presidential election process legally begins, no one in the National Palace is even interested in discussing the business approach. They have other priorities.

The pragmatic electoral calculation and analysis of the polls, plus the aggressive and daily demolition of real and possible rivals made them conclude that he has enough votes for “a moral victory in 2024.” Time is politics, said the classic.

Will Morena be ready for 2024?

Although he repeats daily the dogma that “the triumph of the opposition is morally impossible”, President Andrés Manuel López Obrador knows that he must ensure that the Official Party is ready for the election of the 24th.

It is true that until now he has left little room for his Party or his legislators, to whom he assigned the role of only reacting and supporting the President; but, willingly or not, at some point he said to himself: “all me, why all me?

So, for now, in the fight against the INE for the revocation, the local groups of the Official Party, the governors and legislators are already mobilizing and it will be known if, finally, they will come out of the shadow of the powerful presidential walnut tree.

Official policy endorses tragic marginalization

No one defends their language like the Catalans, but all Catalans also speak Spanish and, despite the separatist impulses, they take advantage of, almost always for good, the advantage of being part of Spain.

In Mexico, for decades, the meritorious effort has been made to preserve the languages ​​of the native peoples, but with the erroneous approach of worrying about educating millions of Mexicans in some native language, not in Spanish.

The Federal Ministry of Culture announces the promotion of this teaching and not that of Spanish. They sentence thousands and thousands of girls and boys to solitary confinement who will be fluent in native languages ​​and not Spanish, the language of the majority.


The case of San José de Gracia proved the defenselessness of thousands of small communities scattered throughout the Republic, but also the relevance of a more efficient use of the National Guard, since protecting them was part of the presidential project that proposed it… The one that The governor of Aguascalientes, Martín Orozco, also made his calculation. Was it said that “what will become of me if I leave this year?”. He decided to take the party in peace and resigned from the Association of PAN Governors… It seems that the presidential message about the lawsuits in the cabinet did not reach the Attorney General’s Office… The boss cannot complain of Government of CDMX Claudia Sheinbaum. They were unable to get the President to criticize it in the morning of yesterday, March 1, because of the process of the feminist “anarchists”… Only 3.9470 million dollars were added last January by remittances from Mexicans in the United States… “If you want peace, you don’t talk to your friends. You talk to your enemies”, he recommended to the great Moshe Dayan…

Joseph Fonseca

Political Journalist

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