Buy The Dip Crypto Picks – 7 Token ICOs Rising as Prices Rebound

Cryptocurrency prices have been trending downward over the past few weeks, led by Bitcoin which recently fell below $57,000. The world’s largest cryptocurrency has fallen 10% over the past week, with meme coins seeing even the biggest drops. Shiba Inu is down 12% over the same period, with dogecoin falling as much as 15% since last Thursday, April 25.

The declines came as market uncertainty grows over when the U.S. Federal Reserve will next vote to cut interest rates. The central bank opted to keep rates unchanged on Wednesday, with Chairman Jerome Powell ruling out a hike as the Fed’s next move.

A handful of crypto tokens rallied following the news, with investors already looking for opportunities to buy the dip. Here are 7 new token ICOs with high potential to reverse the current bearish trend.

1. Sealana (JOINT)

Sealana is a recently launched meme coin on the Solana blockchain, currently in pre-sale. So far, the chubby seal has raised $129,608 in the first few days after launching its funding round. Targeting the degen market, SEAL seeks to be the next SOL-based meme token to go viral. Currently, 1 SOL totals 6,900 $SEAL.

Taking inspiration from a character from the popular South Park cartoon, Sealana draws inspiration from being an obsessed crypto trader looking to find the next big opportunity in the market. As stated on his website, “His obsession with finding the next big Solana coin keeps his flippers busy and his living room is a big mess.”

Rumored to be on the same team as SLERF, there is every chance that Sealana is the latest beneficiary of the Solana animal coin craze,

Keep an eye on his progress by following his X (Twitter) and Telegram channel.

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2. WienerAI (WAI)

Next up is WienerAI, a meme coin that combines the classic dog theme with the hot topic of AI, highlighting its viral potential. Also in presale, it has so far raised over $760,000, with a target of $1,123,057 before its price increase.

As of this writing, 1 $WAI token is equivalent to $0.000703, with a total of 69 billion in circulation. One of the reasons why investors have been attracted to this meme coin is the reward it offers for betting. Currently, stakers will receive an annual percentage yield (APY) of 1,185% for staking the token.

So far, 873,228,330 tokens have been staked, and over 645 million $WAI coins have been offered as rewards. To learn more about Wiener AI, follow his X (Twitter) and Telegram channel.

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3. Dogeverse (DOGEVERSE)

Dogeverse is another ICO that is currently generating a huge amount of interest in the market. The token raised over $13 million during its presale, targeting investors with its multi-chain solutions.

Currently, it is available on Ethereum, Solana, Binance Smart Chain, Avalanche, Polygon and Base. She took this approach to construct an interconnected “Doge lovers’ universe.” Additionally, it rewards this community by offering an 85% APY for staking, with 18,741,903,266 tokens already locked.

The price of one DOGEVERSE token is now $0.000305. However, this amount will increase once its next pre-sale target of $14,249,466 is reached. Additionally, to keep an eye on Dogeverse and see how it manages to achieve the above, follow it on X (Twitter) and telegram.

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4. Mega Dice Token (DICE)

Mega Dice Token is a GameFi coin and the native token of crypto casino Mega Dice, which currently has over 50,000 players. One token costs $0.069, and nearly 10 million tokens were purchased during its presale, totaling an increase of $672,922.58.

DICE offers a multi-chain solution and currently works on Solana, Ethereum and BNB Chain. Additionally, the casino offers players up to 4,000 games, with over $50 million wagered every month.

It keeps players engaged with additional rewards like a $2,250,000 airdrop to token holders. Track your progress on X (Twitter).

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5. 99Bitcoins Token (99BTC)

99Bitcoins Token is the recently launched coin of a new learn-to-earn platform, which rewards learners for increasing their knowledge of crypto and blockchain at large. Before its next price increase, the project raised $978,547.15, with a goal of $1,711,230.

One token currently costs $0.00103, with investors receiving a 1,855% reward for betting on the cryptocurrency. Indeed, 99Bitcoins has a popular YouTube platform with over 700,000 subscribers, in addition to over 2.8 million email subscribers.

The platform offers nearly 80 hours of educational content, broken down into different modules, quizzes and tutorials dedicated to subjects such as Blockchain security. Subsequently, the more a learner performs, the more he or she is rewarded.

It is also hosting an airdrop where $99,000 worth of BTC will be distributed. Keep up to date with the progress of this project and follow its Telegram channel.

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6. 5th Escape (5SCAPE)

5th Scape is a virtual reality (VR) project operating on the Ethereum blockchain network. Currently, in the fifth stage of its pre-sale, it has raised $5,728,747. Additionally, once it reaches the target of $6.2 million, the price will increase by 15% to $0.00327.

This process has a total of 12 steps, which means that early investors will benefit more from lower prices. According to its website, the goal is to “unleash the limitless potential of the virtual realm – where immersive experiences redefine boundaries and shape the future of entertainment and education.”

Monitor your progress on this mission and track your X (Twitter) and Telegram channels.

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7. eTukTuk (TUK)

Finally, eTukTuk is a crypto ICO focused on transforming transportation in emerging markets. Indeed, $3,224,624.61 has been raised so far during its presale, with a target of $3,528,943 USDT before its next price increase.

One TUK token currently costs $0.031, with early buyers rewarded with an 85% annual percentage yield for staking. Additionally, the project wants to build sustainable charging infrastructure in developing countries, using blockchain to decentralize the process.

Follow the project on X (Twitter) and Telegram to follow the latest developments.

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