Butler and the Appearance, by Emma Riverola

the philosopher Judith Butler 1990 hacked with his book ‘The disputed generation’. His thesis holds that sex is not a fixed identity. Like a house of cards, the world in which we live is dismantled: from the institutional violence that determines which body is livable and which is not, to the emancipation that involves changing the relationship with one’s own body. Butler, one of today’s most relevant thinkers, did not stop to think there. Trying to find his job a new political order. To fight for something equality from the ethics of non-violence. The Generalitat awarded him the XXXIII Catalunya International Award. It is enough to see the reactions that the award has yielded to understand that something is very wrong in the collective gaze.

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The 2018 feminist strike was a historic milestone. Shortly afterwards, a dialogue with Butler in the Biennial of Thought he was followed by a crowd of young men. Alliance feminism has reached an unusually transformative force. Months earlier, the philosopher had been prosecuted in Bolsonaro’s Brazil, excluding gender studies from Orbán’s Hungary. The contradiction with Butler is not the problem, it is the closedness of the spiritual frameworks. The hatred that blows out.


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