Bustamante and the women

“The best thing that has been done is women, but men must also be protected.” This was the headline that the station chose to head the interview with David bustamante. I guess the singer, who went on the radio to promote the musical Ghost in which he makes his acting debut, he was surprised to see the quotation marks they had chosen to throw at the lions of Twitter.

I was also outraged … with Twitter, and especially with those who made the decision to exhibit the weakest angle of an interviewee to favor their lynching. Criticizing David Bustamante for lacking a sophisticated opinion on fourth wave feminism is like criticizing Sara Seager by their dress. Seager is an astronomer, no influence, and Bustamante is a singer, not a professor in gender studies.

Anyway, with the intention of providing context to Bustamante’s strange phrase, I looked for the interview. Here the complete sentence: “I am the son of my mother, the boyfriend of my girlfriend and the father of a girl. Imagine if I want equality or not, if the best thing that has been done in this life is women. And we must also protect men and there must be equality and not wars ”. We will agree that it is not for Nobel, but it is not for both. Of course, cutting in the right place the phrase gains flammability, and there is no greater arson than a community manager.

The strategy of ridiculing an interviewee by highlighting their deficient sensitivity woke it is not new and, above all, it is a class practice. There are many media that maneuver so that clumsy statements crystallize into a misleading and incendiary headline. A sibylline maneuver, but effective, to mark ideological terrain and show off moral stock. Whoever agrees to be interviewed, or has no choice but to be promoted, must know that their words on certain topics must conform to a canon, since whoever expresses an apocryphal opinion (not even heretical) will be thrown to the stake.

It is not just about humiliating the weak, but about censoring future dissent. That actors, artists, authors and other interviewees know that certain questions must be answered what must be answered. And that if it goes out of the script there will be reprimands; For starters, it won’t transcend what you came to promote. Diffusion has a cost, folks. Do not pretend to leave without paying the ideological toll.


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