Businessmen ask consumers to buy national products during El Buen Fin

Once imported consumer goods reached pre-market figures Covid-19 pandemic, the business sector asked the population to purchase national products during El Buen Fin to achieve economic reactivation in the local market.

“The figures show us that the consumption of imported goods has already recovered to levels prior to the pandemic, but in the case of the consumption of goods and services of national origin it is still lacking and this is because many of the regional SMEs went bankrupt or they had to reduce activities, “said José Manuel Urreta Ortega, president of the National Association of Regional Business Councils (ANCER).

The leader ordered citizens to consume during The good end products made in Mexico, but preferably local products made in each state and region of the country, as a way to support the labor, economic and productive recovery in each locality.

According to data from the National Institute of Statistics and Geography (Inegi), in the accumulated January – August 2021, imported durable and semi-durable goods grew 27.9%, while national ones did so by only 6.6%.

“The indicators of private consumption in the domestic market warn of the urgent need to see the country’s regional development as the best way to integrate and sustain the recovery of the Mexican economy and productivity,” said the president of ANCER.

For this reason, they also called on the federal government to develop campaigns to promote local consumption, which are reflected in a greater flow of resources among Mexicans; This is because, he warned, today there are few transversal economic and productive programs or with a regional development approach.


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