In order to make the population more aware of their banking situation and prevent identity theft, the Credit Bureau puts into operation a tool that keeps you up to date on any change in your information.

In an interview for The EconomistMauricio Gamboa, CEO of Buró de Crédito, explained that Alertas Buró is a service that informs and updates you about the most important changes that occur in your information, such as: queries to your credit history, adding or deleting credits, changes in your general information, etc.

Alerts Bureau what it does is, we are constantly receiving new information. We have more or less 365 million credits in the base that is being updated, for example if you make two payments to your card, you have two updates in the month”, he explains.

“Every time there is an update to your credit report, a signal is sent to you and it tells you: Sir, I did not pay or Sir, we received a payment, or Mr. Gamboa, there is a new credit in your file. And if it is a new credit and you did not ask for it, here we are already talking about identity theft being detected”.

Likewise, he pointed out that among the benefits of Alertas Buró are:

  • Identity theft protection 365 days a year.
  • Monitor at all times if there are changes or queries in your credit history.
  • Know the score of your credit behavior and receive recommendations on how to improve it with 4 My Score in the year.

The contract for the service is for one year, with a payment of 232 pesos that includes:

  • Four Mi Buró reports with information on all your credits.
  • Four My Score reports to know the score of your credit behavior.
  • To request the service you only need to have the following information at hand:
  • Most recent statement of your credit card.

When you have a current automotive credit, you must provide the credit numbers. Or in the event that you are paying a mortgage loan, you will need the data. If you don’t have credits, select the “I don’t have” option.

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