Bulletins of the week at the National Assembly

Here are the elected officials or political party leaders who have stood out for good or bad reasons over the past week.

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Dominique Anglade, QLP

The PLQ proposed, then obtained, that the obligation to pass three courses in French in English-speaking CEGEPs also be imposed on students from the historical English-speaking community. Sheepishly faced with the outcry caused by her position among her electoral clientele, she is now asking that this amendment to the new language law be withdrawn! Embarrassing…

Veronique Hivon, PQ

She rightly pointed out that a minister is responsible for his own actions, but also for those of his department’s officials. To Marguerite Blais, informed of the urgent situation at the Herron residence, she said: “I know it, she has a heart […] But what’s the point if we don’t assume our responsibilities as minister? »

Francois Paradis, CAQ

File photo, Stevens LeBlanc

The President of the National Assembly felt that he had to show a firm hand to maintain the decorum in the Blue Room in this pre-election period. He imposed himself in front of the leaders, whom he did not let fight unnecessarily. Very effective, he firmly warned Simon Jolin-Barrette: “Do not continue. Want to go further? »

Monsef Derraji, QLP

The Nelligan liberal may have been right to criticize François Legault’s use of the word “cold” when describing his own COVID symptoms. But he made a twisted shorthand of it and tweeted, “Next step likely to be seasonal flu emergency? »

in bulk

Emilie Foster in reflection

The vast majority of elected caquistes will be in the running for a second term. The elected representative of Charlevoix-Côte-de-Beaupré, who was an advisor to the cabinet of François Legault in the opposition, risks passing her turn. Through her attaché, she let it be known that she is “reflecting on her political future”.

Sol is angry

The solidarity Sol Zanetti almost screamed when questioning Benoit Charette on Wednesday. “When the Minister of the Environment says: I care about the health of the world, does he believe himself? “François Legault retorted by launching a closed microphone: “Marc Tanguay, get out of this body. »


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