Building a Brand in a Niche: Our Tips

If you have a start-up idea, chances are, if it’s not already done, it’s pretty niche. That will take some clever marketing to get the word out. But this is the internet age. Where once a lot of businesses were turned down for being too niche, now there is no such thing when you can reach users around the world.

Don’t know how? Take a look at our guide to marketing your niche business here.

Quality content

People’s phone habits have been evolving in recent years, spending more time on their phones, and a serious shift in users’ habits. The main thing being that they began to notice adverts more easily. This is partly by design. Ads with extra thick banners or a #ad in the corner means that users are likely to swipe right past without giving the ad any time. Therefore, the point of marketing has shifted from grabbing the users’ attention to keeping it.

The concept of quality content no longer means filming on the best camera but offering the user something to engage with. Rather than just showcasing a product and all its benefits, you embed the information in content that offers the user something else, like a laugh, a lesson or satisfaction.

If you are an online casino brand for example, you might want to showcase those unique casino bonuses within a piece of content that is a skit, or a play on slots for example, or an emerging trend in betting.

It’s worth pointing out that the number one thing users are looking for in their content is to learn something new, which is a slight offshoot of the Mad Men concept of invoking a lifestyle or a feeling. So, tell your audience something, whether that’s your company’s stance on a social issue, how they can use your project in innovative ways, or maybe a crazy fact.

Use communities

Thanks to mainly Reddit, Facebook and TikTok, communities have naturally emerged. People are finding their people, whether that’s through forums, groups, or an algorithm. You can use that to your advantage and target niche fans of your niche industry via these forums and groups.

The rise of the micro-influencer comes from these communities, where a creator with high followers or is particularly engaging rises. You can use these influencers to target a smaller but more dedicated audience. They are more likely to see this micro-influencer using your product and think that they can use it too, because the micro-influencer is like them.

Communities also call you to zero-in on exactly who you think would buy your products, rather than wasting time trying to appeal to others who are likely not to be interested.

Although, it’s worth mentioning that communities have a habit of surprising marketers. You might find the entirely opposite demographic takes a shining to your product, completely out of your control. A good example is men’s razors, which women are often recommended they buy instead to avoid the Pink Tax and for a superior shave.

Be aware of user habits

You might have noticed a lot of brands talking about their stance on the environment, minority issues, women’s issues, etc. Where once that was the kiss of death for marketing, users have now developed a habit of looking into a brand before they buy from them. Showcase what you stand for and let your audience decide that they like you enough to buy from.

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