Buhler Industries sees Russian director resign following comments on Russia’s invasion of Ukraine

Winnipeg based Buhler Industries has accepted the resignation of one of its Russian directors.

Konstantin Babkin submitted his resignation to the board of directors on Wednesday following support he has shown toward the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

“Mr. Babkin has been a vocal supporter of the actions taken by the Russian Federation. These views are in stark contrast to those of the North American executive team and do not reflect the position or values ​​of Buhler Industries,” the company said in a release.

Babkin has been replaced by Adam Reid who is the vice president of sales and marketing.

On top of Babkin resigning, the company said it has made several changes to its board to “align the organization with the values ​​of the Canadian-based leadership team.”

The equipment manufacturer has voiced opposition about the Russia invasion recently.

“The executive team of Buhler Industries is united in the condemnation of the actions taken by the Russian Federation,” the company said in a press release on its website on Thursday. “We are deeply disappointed by the current events and are in support of a quick and peaceful resolution and offer our condolences to those affected and share in their grief.”

The company also noted that it hasn’t exported to Russia since 2019 and no longer does business in Russia.

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