Budapest prepares for the arrival of Pope Francis

Pope Francis arrives this Sunday for a brief stopover in Hungary, before a three-day stay in Slovakia.

The city of Budapest is preparing to welcome Pope Francis. The Sovereign Pontiff pays a visit of a few hours to Hungary.

He will preside in particular a mass which will close the International Eucharistic Congress, a large Catholic gathering.

“Big logistics”

“We have been preparing for the event since August 23,” explains Nóra Téglásy, one of the people in charge of the organizing committee. It’s a big logistics. If you count everyone, including those who work behind the scenes, those who take care of the material tasks, the drivers, the technicians, the security guards, and then the officials. I think we are not far from 20,000 people mobilized. “

Mass will be celebrated Sunday at 11:30 am on the Place des Héros in the open air. No sanitary pass to access the esplanade. But hydro-alcoholic gel will be distributed to access points, and masks will be given to those who do not have them.

The organizers say they expect nearly 100,000 people.

“For Mass, explains Nóra Téglásy, the members of the choir will be more than 80. It is a choir that was set up even before the health crisis. They will be accompanied by the orchestra of the Opera. And they will interpret the Te Deum of Buda Castle_. “_

Meeting with Viktor Orban

This is not the first time that a Pope has visited Budapest. John Paul II had made two visits to Hungary in 1991 and 1996.

There, during this stopover of a few hours, Francis should have a brief meeting with Prime Minister Viktor Orban, with whom the Pope disagrees on many subjects, including the issue of welcoming migrants.

After this stopover in the Hungarian capital, the Pope will travel for three days in Slovakia neighbor.

This is the 34th international trip of the Argentine Pope, who is 84 years old.

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