Brutal assault on a prison official in Logroño: a prisoner breaks her teeth

A official of the Penitentiary Center of Logroño she had to be transferred to the hospital this Saturday after receiving several blows to the face by an inmate, which has caused the loss of two teeth.

The events, as indicated by the ACAIP-UGT union, have occurred when the worker, accompanied by the head of services and another official they proceeded to transfer the inmate to the isolation area for seriously disturbing the order in the module, “presenting a high degree of aggressiveness and alteration and resistance to comply with the orders of the officials, at which time he has pounced on her and has given her several blows, throwing her violently against the wall, causing her to various bruises and the loss of two teeth“.

In the presence of more officials, the inmate “has continued with a violent attitude and tried to attack another civil servant that he has had to avoid a head butt aimed at his nose. “The officer has been transferred to a hospital to assess her injuries.

The union has lamented that “we are facing a new case of violence in Spanish prisons that joins those experienced in recent days such as the attempted murder of a head of services in Cuenca and the attempted sexual assault on a teacher in the Jaén penitentiary center “.


“We are facing another decision by Penitentiary Institutions that is totally incongruous and that denotes the lack of respect that the managers of the institution have towards their workers,” the union assures.

The intern, the union recalled, he had already “carried out violent incidents in the Pamplona Penitentiary Center where he attacked two female workers and to another official, for which she was transferred to the Logroño prison. “

It so happens that the Pamplona center is one of those classified by the General Secretariat as a special category, while the Logroño center is one of those classified as 2.2, that is, “The inmate was transferred after attacking several workers to a lower security center and also to one of the so-called education and respect modules “.

“It is added that it is not the first incident in the Riojan prison carried out by the same inmate, so reports had been made requesting her transfer to another prison that would meet better conditions for this type of inmate. Ignoring the administration, once more, to the penitentiary professionals “, they have indicated.

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From ACAIP-UGT, “We do not understand these decisions of the General Secretariat that put the safety of workers at risk. In addition, the legislation that considers prison workers agents of the authority has not been approved, so that these cases are instructed as an attack on the authority and do not result in an administrative sanction. “

On the other hand “we vindicate the need for all prison professionals to receive the same remuneration regardless of the center where they work, it is not understandable that between the Pamplona prison, where the aggressor was previously, and the one in Logroño a difference of more than 700 euros a month in his payroll, when events such as the one that happened this Saturday morning corroborate that in all prisons we face the same problems “.

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