Italian director Romeo Castellucci define your show ‘Bros’, premiered in Milan and Girona, as “A lucid nightmare about the mechanism of violence & rdquor ;. About 30 volunteers who dress as police officers wander in a ghostly scene under the command of someone who tells them what to do. An old mystical ascetic recites verses from the Bible that speak of devastation and an “eternally ravaged place”. A dark, gloomy basement, with the disturbing atmosphere of ever-present violence and with a kind of order within anarchy: a ritual that speaks of due obedience, of the adequacy of the will to an intangible but omnipresent higher law. .

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It is a catharsis. The spectator contemplates evil and it is there that he is purified. Immersed in this dark world, of persistent fog and irrational hatred, would we be capable of being executioners? Anguish is born from the diffuse fear of being subdued, annihilated, but also of becoming executors of that annihilation. The fear that nests among humans is that of being automatons without moral conscience, policemen “dressed as clowns & rdquor ;, as Pasolini used to say. Join in a ritual that “makes us lose the quality of men.”

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