British intelligence warns that return of the Taliban has encouraged terrorists

The Taliban’s takeover of power in Afghanistan has “encouraged and emboldened” the extremists and could lead to the return of major “Al Qaeda-style” attacks against the West, said the head of the British intelligence agency ( MI5).

The contextMI5 Director General Ken McCallum said the UK could face “more risks” due to the withdrawal of NATO troops and the overthrow of the government backed by the international community in Afghanistan.

  • The official emphasized that the nations of the world must be vigilant about the increase in terrorism inspired by the triumph of the Taliban.

What do they say? “The number of plots we disrupt today is actually greater than the number of plots that came our way after 9/11, but they are smaller and less sophisticated,” McCallum told the BBC.

  • McCallum revealed that UK authorities had thwarted 31 bombing plots in the past four years, by both Islamic and far-right terrorists.
  • The official said it was difficult to say whether Britain was more or less safe 20 years after the September 11 attacks on the United States.
  • “Overnight, you can have a psychological boost, a morale boost for extremists already here, or in other countries,” McCallum added.

Main source of the news: AP

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