Brief closure at Vincent Massey High School

Vincent Massey High School in South Windsor was closed for 35 minutes due to “a possible risk to the safety of students and staff” on Wednesday.

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The region’s public school board says a lockdown situation at Vincent Massey High School was quickly resolved around noon Wednesday.

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According to a statement from the Greater Essex County District School Board, the closure status was necessary due to a report of “a possible risk to the safety of students and staff in the building.”

Vincent Massey Middle School is located at 1800 Liberty St. in the South Windsor area. Glenwood Public School, which is located north on the same block, was placed under a “hold and secure” order.

Windsor police were contacted and emergency procedures were followed, the school board said.

An investigation concluded that there was no risk and the closure was lifted at 12:25 p.m.

According to the police, the initial report referred to “possible weapons”.

However, no arrests were made and no charges are anticipated.

The GECDSB thanked the Windsor Police for their “timely response and professionalism” and also appreciated the cooperation of the Massey and Glenwood school communities.

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Under the Safe Schools policy developed in cooperation with all school boards and law enforcement services in the region, lockdown protocol is followed when there is a potential threat to the immediate safety of individuals within the school.

A closure requires all staff and students of a school to remain in their designated areas until the closure ends. The principal or the principal’s designee has the responsibility to call 911 and communicate with the school board.

“Retention and safety” measures are followed when a school must be secured due to an ongoing off-school and possibly non-school-related situation. Schools normally operate under a “hold and security” order, but all exterior doors are locked until the situation is resolved.

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