Bridesmaid victim of a violent hit and run

A bachelorette party turned tragic this month when one of the 25-year-old bridesmaids was hit head-on by a driver who then drove off in Montreal.

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Melissa Tessier, 25, was the victim of a hit-and-run near the Old Port of Montreal last weekend.

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Melissa Tessier, 25, was the victim of a hit-and-run near the Old Port of Montreal last weekend.

“The victim is now in stable condition in hospital, but with serious injuries. It was a big impact and the vehicle fled, ”confirms agent Mariane Allaire Morin, spokesperson for the Service de police de la Ville de Montréal (SPVM).

Melissa Tessier, a 25-year-old Ottawa resident, was in Montreal on June 4th. The young woman had come to celebrate the bachelor party of one of her friends.

But around 4 am the atmosphere was no longer festive.

Drunk driver?

The collision took place on rue Saint-Jacques, near rue Saint-Pierre and the Old Port of Montreal. “Witnesses saw the scene and told us the details of the vehicle behind the hit and run,” says Allaire Morin.

Shortly after Melissa Tessier was hit, the SPVM finally arrested whoever was behind the wheel at the time of the impact.

“He met the investigators. Alcohol seems to be a factor in this case,” briefly mentions Mariane Allaire Morin.

She adds that charges could be filed later.

Martin Finnagan, best friend of Melissa Tessier, tells the Log that the family of the young woman and he are too shocked to answer our questions.

He launched a crowdfunding campaign to “cover expenses not covered by insurance and help her parents stay in Montreal while she is in hospital”.

Critical state

It should be noted that Ms. Tessier’s family lives in Ontario and that she had to travel urgently to Montreal to join her at the hospital.

According to our information, Mélissa Tessier was initially in very critical condition after being the victim of the hit-and-run.

The 20-year-old is now in relatively stable condition in intensive care, but there could be serious health consequences from the collision.

Her friend, Mr. Finnagan, specifies for his part that she was to be a bridesmaid for the wedding of one of his relatives. The celebrations will take place in three months.

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