Brent oil price surpassed $ 90 per first week since 2014

The price of the barrel of Brent this Wednesday the 90 dollar dollar was raised by the first of October 2014, triggered by tensions in Ukraine and the Middle East, which put the summit in a nervous and nervous market.

Hacia las 09:45 horas de este merercoles, el precio del barril de crudo Brent del mar del Norte for entry in March is quoted at 89.78 dollars, minutes after setting the 90.02 dollars.

The petroleum abrean has raised $ 89 per barrel this month, looking for a maximum of six years, supported by summit adjustments and geopolitical tensions that generate concerns about new interruptions to the offer.

The President of the United States, Joe Biden, dijo el martes que consideraria personal sanctions against the president Vladimir Putin if Russia invades Ukraine. On the other hand, on Monday, the Yemeni Huti movement launched a missile strike against a base in the United Arab Emirates.

“The prospect of possible interruptions in the Middle East and Russia summit is proportional to alcohol prices for the petroleum market,” said Stephen Brennock, of the PVM oil corridor.

The West Texas Intermediate (WTI) petroleum of the United States has a share of 25 cents, or 0.3%, at $ 85.85.

“The market’s market is limited to the increase in tensions between Russia and Ukraine and the infrastructure of the United Arab Emirates,” said Hiroyuki Kikukawa, managing director of Nissan Securities.

Subrayando a balanced balance between the offer and the demand, the United States Crude Inventory of Seminal Inventory compiled by the American Petroleum Institute demonstrated on March that the existence of crude cayeron at 872,000 barrels.

The official data of the Energy Information Administration (EIA) are known to these schools

The inverses of all markets also hope the communiqué of the Federal Reserve of the United States. It is hoped that the Fed will plan to increase interest rates in March, in the market of its focus in the face of inflation.

In another key factor, the Petroleum Exporters’ Organization and its allies, a group known as OPEP +, will meet next February 2 to consider another increase in production.

The OPEP + has been gradually increasing the record of production records for 2020, raising its monthly target to 400,000 barrels per day, although the real increase in the offer has not been extended so far that some countries are under fire.

(Reuters info)

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