Brazilian Senate approves bill that protects digital platform distributors

The Brazilian Senate approved this Thursday a bill that establishes protection measures and benefits for distributors of delivery platforms during the health emergency due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The initiative had been presented in April 2020, but it only received the approval of the Chamber of Deputies on December 1.

President Jair Bolsonaro it must be sanctioned so that it becomes law.

The text provides for the contracting by the company of accident insurance to cover the worker in the event of any event during deliveries.

It also provides that the company guarantee the use of sanitary facilities for workers and access to drinking water.

In addition, it establishes that the worker separated by Covid-19 contagion (with a positive PCR test or medical certificate) receive financial assistance for 15 days from the company.

This benefit, equivalent to the average of the last three monthly payments received by the worker, may be extended for another two fortnights, the project details.

Another passage provides for the supply or payment by the company of masks, gel alcohol or other hygiene products.

“The health emergency (…) demands a decisive action to adapt the current institutional framework to the social needs derived from the condition of health exceptionality,” said Senator Randolfe Rodrigues, rapporteur of the project, quoted on the Senate Agency website.

The text clarifies that these modifications only apply during the health emergency.

Rodrigues said that the approval is “an important step” to promote a broader debate in the future on the rights of workers in the new economy of service platforms.

In Brazil, until now, there is no legislation that regulates the conditions of workers in application delivery companies.

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