Brazilian boy sneaks on flight after Googling ‘how to get on a plane unnoticed’

The 9-year-old boarded without a plane ticket, travel documents or luggage.

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A runaway child in Brazil snuck on a plane, traveling 2,500 kilometers across the country before he was found, according to Brazilian media.

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Nine-year-old Emanuel Marques de Oliveira was reported missing by his parents in the city of Manaus early Saturday, Terra MT Digital reported.

His mother told police Emanuel was in bed when she checked on him at 5:30 am, but he disappeared two hours later.

The young jetsetter was able to board a LATAM flight from Manaus Airport to Sao Paulo International Airport without a plane ticket, travel documents or luggage.

Emanuel reportedly wanted to live with family members in São Paulo and had Googled “how to get on a plane unnoticed.”

By 10 pm he was tracked down and reunited with his family the next morning.

LATAM Airlines and Manaus airport management are investigating how the child managed to board the plane. Police are also investigating.

An image obtained by local media showed the little troublemaker giving a thumbs up.

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