Boycott of mega works?

Due to its denim fair, in the past, and more recently for being the municipality that will host the Felipe Ángeles International Airport, the municipality of Nextlalpan has gained notoriety and relevance. And in three weeks, Morena will take political control of that demarcation, when the elected mayor, Lorena Alameda Juárez, begins her three-year term.

Just in time. In the first quarter of 2021, this mega-project – one of the federal administration’s four priorities – will enter its final phase and will not have to face major obstacles. Although the opposite could have happened, after the electoral magistrates annulled the elections and ordered a repeat of the votes, which the morenista had won on June 6.

It is no coincidence that the PAN, the PRI and the PRD have challenged those elections and also demanded the cancellation of the electoral result in Salina Cruz, Oaxaca, where the architect Daniel Méndez Sosa defeated the PRI lawyer Rodolfo el Chino León Aragón, with more than 2,000 votes difference.

The port and the refinery that will connect with Dos Bocas are located in this coastal municipality. And the Interoceanic Corridor also begins, so its strategic importance for the Fourth Transformation is undoubted.

León Aragón was director of the Federal Judicial Police in the Salinas administration. And in Salina Cruz he took refuge after his troubles with federal justice. In the 2017-2018 biennium he served as municipal president and again sought to be elected with a speech against the megaworks of the Fourth Transformation.

Four days before the election, he closed his campaign with an unusual promise: to prevent AMLO from setting foot on municipal territory.

At the polls, Morena defeated the Alliance candidates, but in Salina Cruz the electoral authorities decided to “reserve” a number of polls before starting the count. Méndez Sosa then began a movement in defense of the vote that forced the transfer of the electoral package to the IEEPCO headquarters, in the Oaxacan capital, to conclude with the count, which yielded a difference of 2,103 votes, favorable to Méndez Sosa.

The PRI challenged the validity of the majority certificate delivered by the electoral councilors, but its challenge was rejected in the Oaxaca Electoral Court.

León Aragón then went to the Regional Chamber of the Electoral Tribunal of the Judicial Power of the Federation (TEPJF), based in Xalapa, whose magistrates declared the nullity.

After the election was annulled, Méndez Sosa and Morena processed two separate appeals for reconsideration and the Presidency of the Superior Chamber of the Electoral Court turned over the files to the presentation of magistrate Felipe Alfredo Fuentes Barrera.

The TEPJF magistrates will also have to decide on the nullity of the elections for the mayor of Veracruz, which was won by the PAN standard-bearer, Patricia Lobeira, who was nominated after the cancellation of the candidacy of her husband, Miguel Ángel Yunes Márquez. The Electoral Court of that entity proceeded to invalidate the majority certificate delivered by the administrative authorities to the daughter-in-law of the former governor.

If its criteria prevail, the local Congress must designate a municipal council, while the electoral authorities call an extraordinary election, which could take place in the first quarter of 2021.

The same would happen in Coacalco. Morena contested the triumph of PRI David Sánchez Isidoro, who yesterday, December 9, protested the position although he will not take office for another three weeks. No representative of Governor Alfredo Del Mazo attended the ceremony.

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