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The High Representative for Common Foreign Policy and Security of the EU, Josep Borrell, has assured this Thursday that the bloc cannot let Russia and China “take control of the situation” in Afghanistan and become the “sponsors” of Kabul led by the Taliban.

“We cannot let the Chinese and Russians take control of the situation and be the sponsors of Kabul,” he told MEPs from the Foreign Affairs and Development committees of the European Parliament in an extraordinary session called to assess the latest events in the asian country

The head of European diplomacy explained that last Tuesday he called an urgent meeting of the EU foreign ministers for a “first exchange of views” and to discuss the role that the EU should assume “with regard to the new political realities. “.

Dialogue with the Taliban

In his opinion, the European Union must establish “communication channels” with the insurgents, for example to channel humanitarian aid destined for the local population, although he has insisted that this does not mean that the bloc recognizes the new Islamic State led by the insurgents. insurgents.

“China has already recognized the Taliban and Russia will, they will not close their embassies and this will change the balance of power. The strategic autonomy of the EU will be on the table and we have to discuss how to use it,” he explained.

Thus, the high representative has argued that the bloc will have to “develop its diplomatic capacity” hand in hand with allies such as the United States or the United Kingdom in order to manage the “political consequences” of the coming to power of the Islamists.

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“Extremely prudent”

In addition, Borrell has emphasized that the bloc should be “extremely prudent” with regard to the Taliban even though they are showing their “friendly face” for now, since “the first objective” is to evacuate the people who they have worked for the European institutions.

“For now they are showing their kind face (…) But frankly, we have to be prudent. While our people are still there we have to be extremely prudent because the first of our objectives is to get these people out of there,” he remarked. the Spanish.

During his speech, the head of European diplomacy detailed that 106 of the Afghan citizens who have worked for the EU in Afghanistan have been evacuated and have already landed in Madrid, from where they will be relocated to other EU countries.

300 employees

However, he has indicated that another 300 people who also collaborated with the European institutions and that the EU intends to evacuate for “moral obligation” are still in the Asian country trying to enter the Kabul airport.

“They have been working to promote European values ​​for many years, we have to protect them and save the lives of as many people as possible,” emphasized Borrell, who has described what happened in Afghanistan in recent weeks as a “catastrophe” and a ” nightmare”.

Along these lines, the high representative for EU Foreign Policy has specified that he will send a team of four people to “unblock” the situation of the 300 Afghans that the bloc is working to evacuate.

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Afghan citizens who have worked for the EU and will arrive in Madrid, he explained, will later be relocated to the bloc’s member states. And at this point, the head of European diplomacy has hoped that the process “works” and the EU countries “will not show their differences again.”

He also stressed that the EU will have to reflect on how to manage the possible arrival in Europe of Afghans who come to Europe in search of international protection, whom Borrell prefers to describe as “exiles” rather than “migrants”.

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