Borràs, highly questioned in Junts for the ‘Juvillà case’

  • The strategy of challenging to end up complying with the president of the Parliament generates rejection in the party

what of Laura Borras this week in Parliament, promising to go to the end against justice and finally assuming reality and complying, has been “an absolutely ridiculous number“.”Pathetic“Those who make these two statements are a person with a relevant converging career and now in Junts, and an outstanding leader of the formation. They are harsh adjectives, very harsh, that collide with the version of the environment of the president of the Parliament that they have been others (understand the cup Y CKD) those who have left Borràs alone in her determination to go to the end, disobeying the orders of the Electoral Board and defending the seat of the CUP deputy Pau Juvilladisabled by the TSJC.

Now few can put a mute in the party to an evidence: Borràs’s strategy, along with that of other prominent positions such as Miriam Nogueras in Congress or aurora madaula in Parliament, it is far from being shared by other prominent leaders.

What is the root of the crash? That while Borràs has notable support from the party and pro-independence bases through a speech based on promising to keep the referendum alive, to re-generate a conflict with the State sooner rather than later and to go all the way in disobedience to the institutions of the State, others claim to attend to the reality principle: that 1-O was an attempt to negotiate with the State (as stated by jordi sanchez a few months ago in writing and it has been ratified by the former president of Parliament Carme Forcadell in a recent interview), that this is not a revolutionary moment as it could have been in October 2017, and, above all, that promising contempt to finally end up assuming the principle of reality generates a notable wear on the credibility of the independence movement as a whole and Junts in particular.

Borras’s position

Laura Borràs is a magnet and she knows it“, say those at Junts who value the role of the president and former candidate for the Generalitat. They remember that, in all party events, she always generates great attraction and enthusiastic support. Social networks and emotional impact, two keys to politics postmodern, play in her favor.In the primaries as a candidate against Damia Calvet He won incontestably. Those who support her continue to consider her a candidate for president. And, like her, they see the need to set a date for a new fight with the State. To define it and execute it.

During the electoral campaign, the rally in which she promised to reactivate independence if she was elected generated quite a few anger in her party. After finishing third, she resigned from being vice president and was promoted to the presidency of Parliament. In her first speech in office she promised that she would keep the inviolability of Parliament, its independence, not allowing interference from the executive or the judiciary. “It is said as a declaration of intent“, he warned.

The confrontation remains latent because critics hope that time will play in their favor

He then announced a change in the regulations so that, in the event of going to trial for his management at the head of the Institution of Catalan LettersYou should not leave your post. Shortly after, she corrected herself. And a few weeks ago he promised that if ‘ex-president’ Puigdemont returned to Catalonia, this would mean completing independence. An affirmation that did not do any grace in Waterloo.

Finally, in the conflict between the rights of the CUP deputy and the judicial resolution that disqualifies him for having hung yellow ties when he was a councilor in Lleida, Borràs promised to go to the end defending Juvillà’s seat. He even promoted -and deactivated a few hours later- a paralysis of the Parliament. The reality is that Juvillà is not a deputy. Something that those around Borràs blame the cup already CKD. The president therefore maintains her strategy.

The position of the critics

Laura has not endured the coherence that she has put forward and is left touched, almost politically disabled“, says a person from the party leadership, who concludes that Junts is dragged in a certain sense, in this problem. Other people think that only time plays in favor of deactivating the strategy of the president of the Parliament and the party managed to appear as a government optionready for independence, but above all capable of maintaining a politically solid, coherent and credible discourse.

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These are not times for revolution, assure these leading voices, whose objective is to put Junts on track towards positions minus ‘hooligans’ and thus be in a position to take over from ERC under the banner of responsible independence management, when the Republicans pay the price of seeing that the dialogue table with the Government and the pacts with the PSOE do not bear any fruit, according to predicted in Junts these sectors critical of Borràs. “they want her dead“, conclude those who defend it.

All this conflict at the moment remains in a latent form. Forms are kept at management meetings. Unity is exhibited towards the outside, waiting for a congress that clarifies -or not- the positions in contention through a strategic debatewhich will necessarily be chained to another more personalistic one in which figures such as Borras, jordi sanchez, Jordi Turull and the rest of pardoned prisoners, in addition to visible faces of the Government and the Parliament and Congress will also have their role. Meanwhile, at Waterloo, Puigdemont avoids this hornet’s nest.

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