Boris Johnson will ask NATO allies to increase their military spending

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson will ask his NATO allies, at a summit to be held in Madrid on Wednesday, to increase their military spending in response to the Russian invasion of UkraineDowning Street reported on Tuesday.

The countries of the NATO they committed in 2014, after the Russian annexation of Crimea, to increase their defense budgets to 2% of GDP in 2024.

Only eight of the 30 member countries met or exceeded this goal in 2021, but many countries have since rearmed because of the war in Ukraine.

“We need allies, all allies, to strive to use their resources to restore deterrence and provide defense for the next decade,” he says. Boris Johnson in his scheduled speech on Wednesday at the organization’s summit in Madrid, according to a Downing Street statement.

“The 2% was always conceived as a floor, not as a ceiling, and the allies must continue to mobilize in this time of crisis,” he adds.

Boris Johnson arrives at the NATO summit with a commitment to strengthen the British military presence in Estonia, a Baltic country bordering Russia.

London will also contribute to the announced transformation of the NATO Response Force, which will grow from the current 40,000 troops to more than 300,000.

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