Border City Living expands to print publication

Border City Living started out as a blog, but is now in print.

Local realtors Stephanie Bradt and Deirdre Ritsche started the blog in 2016 to highlight not only their listings, but also local entrepreneurs.

“What you see in the publication will be different from what’s online in a little bit of ways, but also photography. We have unreal photography,” says Bradt. “So that’s a huge part of you know, having it in print versus online. It’s just it’s a little bit different when you feel it in your hands and you can read the story, you know, in that traditional way.”

The owners of Brew Microbrewery and Vin Winery are now teaming up with them to publish a new lifestyle magazine.

Featured in the inaugural edition is their current building on University.

The historic building is up for sale now as the company is moving to a new location.

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