Boomeran Colau, powder Emma Riverola

The 15-M shook the political scene. remembered it there is no democracy without protest and connected with a section of the bourgeoisie that did not feel represented by any party. It was a cry of indignation over the account of the crisis and the great cases of corruption. of that unrest the ‘commons’ drink, also their code of ethics. A promise of political rebirth.

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Now Ada Colau must declare as an investigation for alleged irregularities in the awarding of public subsidies to entities associated with the ‘commons’. This is not the first complaint of the same style filed against her. The previous 10 have been archived. It is difficult not to see economic interests in the harassment, but following the code of ethics of the ‘comuns’, the mayor should resign. Would that be convenient? Considering the opacity of the complaint, it does not seem so. In fact, it would be to bend the democratic exercise to more than dubious interests. No, it does not seem logical to resign, but the matter is a warning against the artificial policy. The code of ethics of a party must respond to coherence and honesty. Turning it into a show of purity or an exercise in ingenuity is dangerous among many other things: a boomerang.

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