Qatar Airways presents Monday to Boeing a purchase of 34 of its new 777X cargo planes, with which the manufacturer has been able to defend its position ahead of Airbus in the air transport market.

The airline that officially approved this during the Emir’s visit Qatar at the Casa Blanca, a compromise was made to buy 34 777-8 type cargo and increased the option of buying 16 others.

The contract is for more than 20,000 million dollars at the price of a catalog and represents the mayor charged by the constructor for cargo planes.

Qatar Airways also issued a letter of intent for 25 737 MAX aircraft in its larger version, the 737-10, with the option of 25 additional. The compromise was raised to around 7,000 million dollars at the price of a catalog.

The announcement supone a review for Airbusin conflict with the Qatari company that reproached defects in its A350 of passengers.

Qatar Airways has landed in the third part of its fleet of A350 debited to the downgrading of the fuselages and demanded Airbus to obtain an economic repair.

The manufacturer Tomo Fuertes retaliates Iceland recently with a contract for 50 A321neo aircraft.

Airbus launched a cargo version of its A350 to better compete with Boeing in this transport segment. The European manufacturer has just arrived at its Boeing competitor with the B747, B767 and B777 models.

Fresh air

Para Boeing, is a fresco of fresh air. The payload of 50 777X cargo planes “represents two full years on production costs”, according to its executive director, Dave Calhoun, during the contracting firm.

It will increase more than 35,000 employees in the United States and bring in $ 2,600 million over the next year for the state economy. The first entrances are scheduled for 2027.

The 777X cargo version that will be built in the Everett factory in the West of the United States “will respond to an important need in the summit’s chain”, including the directive.

El avion can carry up to 8,167 kilometers and transport up to 118 tons, consuming less combustible than the aircraft currently in service.

Represents the first launch of a commercial aircraft of Boeing in five years and an impetus to the 777X program, the mayor of the world launched in 2013.

The first devices will be put into service in 2020 for the four-year-olds to be placed and will be waiting for the 2023 finals.

The entries of Boeing comenzaron will recover in 2021 after two complicated years due to insignia with its aircraft, the 737 MAX, and also due to the pandemic.

But I have to solve the suspension of entrances of the 787 Dreamliner, due to production problems from the 2020 season.

Launching a new version of the 777X cargo, Boeing intends to approve the actual eye of the air transport, boosted by the increase in line trade and congestion in maritime transport.

This segment constitutes a source of ingress at the moment in which the passengers of large aeronautical passengers are affected by the pandemic and the occurrence in the frequency of international flights.


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