BMW started the pre-sale of its latest electric propulsion model in Mexico. With a space for 5 occupants, a more than convenient autonomy and a technological section never before seen in the country, this SAV is ready to add kilometers to the emission-free propulsion path that our country began a few years ago.

First of its kind

The new BMW iX It is a Sports Activity Vehicle (SAV), which has dimensions very similar to those of an X5 so you can imagine that it does not sacrifice habitability or comfort in favor of performance and autonomy. It maintains BMW design elements proposed in recent times (some very risky), such as the huge front grille, the stylized taillights or the sides with disruptive angles present especially in the C-post.

The design is a proposal of the brand called as Shy Tech, that although it has the premise of having started from the inside out, it is allowed to print personality on the outside. There are two types of wheels, both 21 ”but with different designs but with special treatments to reduce drag. At the front, the fascia has functional air inlets flush with the corners designed to best guide airflow.

Total comfort

The interior has convenient space and one of its strengths is that the floor is completely flat without the obstruction of a transmission tunnel, which makes the position once the occupants are seated more comfortable. The battery hidden under the cabin is made with cobalt and lithium sourced from what BMW calls “controlled sources” from Australia and Morocco. The dashboard has an information center made up of two high-definition screens.

The curved body of the set has a 12.3 “and a 14.9” that serves as a control center. This display also launches the new operating system 8 of BMW. So both the iDrive and the software are firsts on the iX. It has an automatic climate control with a nanofiber filter, the sound system is Bowers & Wilkins as well as the IconicSounds function to adjust the driving sound depending on the movements and the speed of the accelerator.

More autonomy

The versions for Mexico are iX xDrive40 as an entry to the family, while iX xDrive50 is the most powerful. Both are driven by two current excitation motors (which eliminate the use of magnets and their components), one for each axis.

The first has a battery with a capacity of 76.6 kWh with a range of up to 425 kilometers (WLTP), while the xDrive50 uses a set of 11.5kWh batteries that allows it to reach 630 kilometers of autonomy (WLTP). It is important to mention that the space frame is constructed of aluminum and carbon fiber reinforced polymer (CFRP), which increases its rigidity and reduces its weight. Both models are in pre-sale and will be delivered in early 2022.

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