The Mexican Stock Exchange (BMV) shows a strong loss in trading on Tuesday. The local stock market is falling for the sixth consecutive session, while tensions between Russia and west door Ukraine keep investors away from risky assets and Federal Reserve has its first meeting of the year.

The index reference S & P / BMV IPC, which consists of the shares of the 35 issuers with the highest value by capitalization and liquidity in Mexico, yields -1.15% and stands at 50,303.95 units, while the index FTSE BIVA, the head of the Institutional Stock Market (Biva), moving -1.36% to a level of 1,038.03 units.


Within the reference index, most of the components operate in negative range, with only two values ​​in green and 33 in red. The weakest performances are the shares of franchise operator Alsea, with -4.97%; Quality, with -3.95%; Regional, by -3.51%, and the Grupo Carso share, which is down -3.04 percent.

Markets await the US Federal Reserve’s two-day monetary policy meeting. His announcement tomorrow is expected to be a tightening of monetary policy, but he may also highlight his plans to raise interest rates to cope with the persistently high inflation.

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