Blue Jays aim for eighth straight series finale win against Yankees

Fresh off another electric outing against the Yankees on Wednesday night, the red-hot Toronto Blue Jays now have a seven-game winning streak, and have emerged victorious in 10 of the last 11, as they look toward the final showdown of this crucial series. of four games in New York.

Here’s a closer look at where they stand in the MLB playoff picture.

If the playoffs started today

The best teams in each division make the playoffs. In addition to the six division winners, the top two remaining teams per league qualify as wild cards for a total of 10 playoff teams.

Wild card teams from each league face off in winner-take-all games for a chance to advance to the LDS against the winner of the seeded division. Meanwhile, the two remaining division winners face each other in each league.

If the postseason started today, these 5 American League teams would qualify:

Wild card game: Boston Red Sox vs New York Yankees

  • No. 1 Tampa Bay Rays vs. Wild Card Game Winner
  • No. 2 Houston Astros vs. Number 3 Chicago White Sox

And these 5 teams of the National League would qualify:

Wild card game: Los Angeles Dodgers vs. San Diego Padres

  • No. 1 San Francisco Giants vs. Wild Card Game Winner
  • No. 2 Milwaukee Brewers vs. Number 3 Atlanta Braves

In the hitting distance

When we last checked in a week ago, Toronto was behind the Oakland Athletics and the Seattle Mariners as the closest clubs to challenge for a wild card spot. Since then, they have surpassed both teams and are knocking on the door.

With their 76-62 record, the Blue Jays are now the closest American League team to jumping into the wild-card box. Right behind them is Seattle (76-64) followed closely by Oakland (75-64), leaving no room for error.

Playoff Odds Report

Objectively speaking, this is where the Blue Jays stand relative to their closest adversaries, according to FanGraphs and Baseball-Reference:

Tile FanGraphs Odds: 41.9% | Blue Jays baseball benchmark odds: 55.8%

Seattle FanGraphs Odds: 5.6% | Seattle baseball benchmark odds: 9.4%

Oakland’s FanGraphs Odds: 7.7% | Oakland baseball benchmark odds: 14.7%


The Blue Jays will send José Berríos to the mound on Thursday to complete the series sweep, while the Yankees will counter with Néstor Cortés Jr.Meanwhile, the A’s will face the White Sox and the Mariners will have Thursday off before facing the Diamondbacks. Friday.

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