Blood on the goal, by Sílvia Cóppulo

There was blood stains on the floor from the goal of the farm of the Tetuan square from Barcelona where an immigrant couple and their two young children, 3 years and 4 months, died. The family occupied the ground floor with other people. Neighbors cannot explain the origin of the stains: death from smoke inhalation does not cause bleeding wounds.

Up to ten people lived on the ground floor. Other occupants of the premises went out to a patio of lights and were saved. The fire could be an accident. Or not. On Monday night, the police had come to the scene, once again warned by the neighbors of a strong argument. The ‘mossos’ and the occupants knew each other well.

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What is the use of the mayor claiming that the owners of the old bank branch had disengaged from the premises, when in fact they are immersed in a muddled judicial process? The social services of the city council had attended up to six times in the last month to help the family. The ‘mossos’ had the farm booked due to the danger generated by a battered supply facilities. Recently, they cut off their water and the woman went to the public fountain in the street with jugs. Shaky, a Pakistani, collected scrap metal to sell. I got about 50 euros a day. He was not eligible for a regular contract. He and his wife, Violeta, of Romanian origin, had paid 700 euros to a mob to occupy the farm for a year. Previously, they had paid a thousand euros to enter another farm in Badalona. Gangsters are interested in “selling the keys & rdquor; to families. Put a child inside and it will be more difficult for them to leave or get kicked out.

The mafia gangs argue among themselves: this business is mine, my part and not yours at the premises. Do the police know? Yes. Do they know in the town hall -which by the way has empty social floors-? Yes. Do they know about it in the Generalitat? Too. This occupation is not about squats, nor about supposedly abandoned premises; goes from mafias that extort poverty. Do something.

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