The head of Bloc Quebecois, Yves-Francois Blanchet, launched his election campaign in Montreal on Sunday, criticizing Justin trudeau to be “very irresponsible” by calling a ballot in a context of a pandemic which is in its fourth wave.

Mr. Blanchet wondered about Mr. Trudeau’s decision when his government wanted to impose compulsory vaccination for federal employees.

“If the threat is so important to impose compulsory vaccination, but God in heaven, isn’t it too dangerous to also go on an election campaign? Is it not a complete contradiction on the part of the Liberal Party which is not at the first? », Said the leader of the Bloc at a press briefing, about an hour after the official kick-off of the campaign.

Yves-François Blanchet enumerated many subjects which would have been discussed during a “normal” post-pandemic electoral campaign. His list included, among other things, the environment, help for the elderly, pharmaceutical research, protection of the Quebec agricultural model, the regions of Quebec, tourism and labor shortages.

“But instead of talking about all that, we are going to analyze the figures of the day every day; how many new cases? How many hospitalizations? And, dramatically, how many deaths? We will wonder every day which campaign organization is going to be the first to have a COVID outbreak. We will be riveted on daily life rather than being carried by a vision of the future, ”he argued.

Mr. Blanchet has also assured that he and his team will be very careful over the coming weeks in the face of the rise in COVID-19 cases, in particular avoiding hugs and handshakes. Everyone who will accompany him in the campaign bus is doubly vaccinated, he said.

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According to him, the project to obtain a majority government from Justin Trudeau – which voters will refuse to give him, he believes – carries a risk of losing gains in Quebec, especially in terms of broadcasting, protection French, state secularism, supply management in the agricultural sector and health transfers.

In the form of a question, the Bloc leader suggested that the presence of a large contingent of Bloc members in the House of Commons enabled the Legault government to have a balance of power with Ottawa in order to obtain money.

During the campaign, the leader of the Bloc wanted to have a “real discussion on an economic model of the future” which would make it possible to get out of the oil economy by opting for sustainable energies of which Quebec has expertise. The outgoing member for Beloeil-Chambly also mentioned that his party will lead a campaign on Quebec economic nationalism, French, gender equality and freedom of expression.

Despite the dissatisfaction that has crossed his party recently because of his methods of choosing certain candidates, Mr. Blanchet said that his “machine is running at full speed” and that “the funding is there”.

Activists accused the leader of suspending investiture assemblies and “breaking the democratic principles of René Lévesque”. Mr. Blanchet blamed the Liberal leader, saying that the rushed elections forced the Bloc Québécois to select candidates without going through nomination meetings. He claimed to have rigorously applied party rules.

Following his press briefing, Mr. Blanchet took part in the Pride parade in downtown Montreal on Sunday afternoon. He also spoke to supporters gathered in a small park in the Gay Village.

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He engaged in a sovereignist plea by elaborating on his campaign slogan, which is limited to a single word, “Québécois”.

“Québécois, it is a model of sustainable economic development, based on clean energy from Quebec, resources from the regions of Quebec, from Quebec SMEs. It is a very very Quebec development model, and one that is not Canadian, in that Canada remains a very oil-producing state. Canada is an almost rogue state when it comes to the environment. ”

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