Blanchet would meet the other chefs to start afresh

Bloc leader Yves-François is reaching out to the other party leaders: he will request a meeting with each of them after the elections.

He intends to start the legislature on a “fresh and serene basis,” he explained at a press conference Wednesday morning in a park in Longueuil.

The possibility of a minority government is looming, as polls suggest a tight race. The Bloc could thus hold the balance of power, or at least in part, if it makes gains or retains its current deputation of 32 elected officials.

But whatever the composition of the House next Monday evening, Mr. Blanchet already has plans.

“We will have to move on, at some point, all the party leaders”, after the elections, to be able to start “on a fresh, calm basis, because we have responsibilities”.

Further details will follow.

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