“Adding the“ worm ”sound to everything works. Projects that are hyperpolluting, they put the word “green” in them, then we only see fire. “

Yves-Francois Blanchet launched the joke on Thursday while visiting an alpaca farm in Saguenay, after being asked again about the third link megaproject in Quebec.

The owners of the Bersi farm informed the chef of the Bloc Quebecois of their desire to possibly include their daughter Véronique’s name in their business name.

However, what Mr. Blanchet joked about is precisely what several environmentalists accused him of Thursday morning: of trying to “green” the third link.

Last Tuesday, Mr. Blanchet showed his colors for the first time: he was in favor of the Quebec-Lévis motorway tunnel project, valued at $ 10 billion, which will be drilled under the St. Lawrence River.

In particular, he underlined in broad outline its “ecological” potential.

Mr. Blanchet maintained his position Wednesday and Thursday, during several interviews on television and on local radio, where the subject came up constantly.

He said, however, that he had publicly expressed his personal opinion, not that of the Bloc.

According to the former Minister of the Environment, under Pauline Marois, the cars that will use the future tunnel will have more direct access to downtown Quebec, and therefore, will emit less GHGs.

He also foresees an increase in the number of electric vehicles.

Criticized from all sides by environmentalists, the leader of the Bloc rejected, at a press briefing in Saguenay, the idea that he was opposing the green vote in Quebec.

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According to several environmental groups, the third link in Quebec is unnecessary and harmful, among other things because it will create urban sprawl.

“When people in the extremes of a given position speak with vigor, it is sometimes the demonstration that the position of the Bloc, […] that it will be up to Quebec to ensure the environmental virtues of the project, is […] reasonable, ”said Blanchet.

The single tax report sows concern

The leader of the Bloc was not at the end of his troubles: during his visit to Saguenay, he also had to defend his proposal to entrust Quebec with the administration of a single tax report.

The idea is far from appealing to the region, which fears that there will inevitably be repercussions on the 1,000 jobs at the Jonquière Tax Center.

The single tax report is a request from Quebec, unanimously supported by the National Assembly, argued Mr. Blanchet.

“The Quebec government intends to ensure that there are no job losses. It will be the responsibility of the Quebec state, ”he dropped.

Boost the Quebec forest

Also on Thursday, the Bloc proposed measures to “maximize” the potential of Quebec’s forests.

Yves-François Blanchet invited all party leaders to sign a common roadmap, initiated by the Bloc and supported by 45 partners, including all forestry workers’ unions.

This roadmap, which is unanimous in Quebec, said Mr. Blanchet, requires, among other things, that the federal government:

  • stimulates the use of wood in construction;
  • develop local processing;
  • finances green technological innovations.

According to the Bloc candidate in Jonquière, Mario Simard, the forest has “immense potential” but remains the “poor relation” of natural resources.

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The federal government invests only $ 71 million per year in Quebec forests, while on average it allocates more than $ 10 billion per year in fossil fuels, he said.

“The forest deserves better as an economic engine for 900 Quebec municipalities and each party must get involved,” added Mr. Simard.

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