Blackwell Strategy increases the credibility of companies to increase their sales

Specialists and advertising agencies such as GroupM estimate that global advertising investment will grow around 9 percent in 2022.

In a world of advertising agglomeration and with the immersion of digitization, it is increasingly difficult to distinguish between those products that are of quality and those that are not.

The truth is that as consumers, we do not need to try each of these products to verify their authenticity.

Forrester Research, a research and advisory firm, predicted in 2020 that the average business would spend 30 percent of its marketing budget on the Internet. This rate is currently expected to grow to 35 percent by 2022.

According to Humberto Herrera, CEO of the company Blackwell Strategy which specializes in increasing the credibility of companies to increase their sales, Social Proof or social validation, is an infallible tool for both companies and users and thus make a brand known without the need to invest so much in marketing.

“Investment in advertising is constantly growing and to compete in the global market, Social Proof is useful because it works as a strategy to legitimize ecommerce and convince more people to get involved with your brand,” said the specialist in personal branding.

As human beings – Humberto Herrera pointed out – we are always attentive to signs that tell us that the decision we are about to make is the correct one. Therefore, through Social Proof, the positive experiences that consumers have had with a particular brand can be used to encourage new customers to buy.

Likewise, Herrera commented that, generally, a lot of money is usually invested in advertising and generating campaigns to attract customers. This can cause you to miss the opportunity to optimize costs based on material that you already have at hand: the experience of those who already know you.

The US Small Business Administration (SBA) recommends that businesses spend 7 to 8 percent of gross revenue on marketing and advertising if they generate less than $5 million a year in sales with a net profit margin in the range of 10 percent to 12 percent.

However, with the health crisis, many companies have considered increasing their investment in advertising.

“There is no better advertising to compete on a large scale than what consumers say about you and not only consumers, but also that other brands recognize your quality. Social Proof, in addition to boosting your sales, will ensure a better brand positioning and thus earn people’s trust,” said Humberto Herrera.

Blackwell Strategy is the firm specialized in increasing sales through PR in the media. His clients are B2B companies that invoice more than 1 million dollars annually and that seek to grow their income above 20 percent per year. The company has been advising companies in Mexico, the United States and Europe for 10 years.

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