Bitcoin March Madness: Prepare for price rises and falls

As Bitcoin hits new highs, crypto bull season is in full swing. BTC continues to push its limits, crossing new thresholds. The BTC price recently crossed the ambitious $69,000 mark, sparking a speculative frenzy.

As analysts flock in new projections for BTC Soon reached $70,000, a new fear seems to loom over crypto enthusiasts.

A new round of economic events is expected to take place in March, which may soon impact the current BTC price surge.

March is a crucial month for the economic stratum of the United States. With a series of elementary economic events predicted, analysts believe these events could soon send Bitcoin tumbling to new lows.

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Will Bitcoin go up or down in March?

Source: Freebitcoin

Wu Blockchain, a notable crypto analyst on X, presented an interesting factual overview on the platform.

The analyst noted that crypto enthusiasts should prepare themselves as March approaches. He explained how March can be crucial for BTC in terms of price and valuation.

Sharing a picture of the important economic events planned for March, Wu Blockchain shared an insightful analysis of the events. He reiterated that BTC could either see a price rise or fall this month. The analyst’s assessment is based on the results that these scheduled meetings and events might produce.

From the event timeline, the FED BTFP expiration meeting begins on March 12. On the same day, the release of CPI data is also scheduled, which could have a significant impact on the US dollar price ratio.

The Ethereum Duncan upgrade is scheduled for March 13. This update could help ETH gain considerable momentum as other cryptocurrencies search for stable ground.

Likewise, March will also accompany proceedings related to Ripple and XRP, with the SEC submitting its brief to the court. This development can “potentially” impact the price of XRP to some extent.

Other notable events include the Federal Reserve’s interest rate decision coupled with the Nvidia GPU conference. These events can potentially impact the current crypto market dynamics to some extent.

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Final results for Do Kwon and Sam Bankman-Fried

The end of March will also bring solid news regarding TerraLabs founder Do Kwon and FTX’s Sam Bankman-Fried. Do Kwon’s trial is scheduled for March 25. This development could also promote the activity of the Terra Luna network.

Likewise, FTX’s SBF trial is next on the list, signaling a “potentially” heavy month to live and experience for the crypto market.

However, given the strong momentum of the crypto bull cycle, these events may or may not materialize as expected. The crypto market is volatile and carries a note of unpredictability across all its verticals.


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