Bio or eco products cost 216% more on average

A comparative study of 24 families of food and drugstore products carried out by the Organization of consumers and users (TO FATHER) points out that products certified as ecological or with the denomination eco or bio they cost, on average, 216% more than their white label equivalents; and almost double (77% more) than those of the leading brand.

The results reveal that the greatest price differences are found in hygiene and personal care products, such as shower gels and bar soaps, but also in some food products such as yogurt or rice. Although at the same time it is possible to find ecological products with more adjusted prices, more similar to their equivalents, such as liquid laundry detergent or all-in-1 tablets for dishwashers.

The price differences also depend on the store: organic products from Lidl, Aldi and Carrefour are 50% cheaper, on average, than those sold by Merkabio and Herbolario Navarro, two specialized stores that in exchange offer a greater variety of brands . Within the ecological chains, Véritas stands out for its wide offer at more adjusted prices. On the contrary, two of the largest chains in Spain, Mercadona and Día, barely offer organic products, so it has not been possible to assess their prices.

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Super reduced VAT

In order to promote a more ethical and sustainable consumption, OCU requests a super-reduced VAT of 4% for organic products, since they favor biodiversity, limit the contamination of rivers and aquifers with fertilizers and pesticides, while promoting employment local, among many other benefits. And is that sustainability is a necessity, not a luxury. Along the same lines, the organization requests a new European sustainability label that indicates the degree of ecological, social and economic commitment of each product. At the same time, it insists on the promotion of information and education actions that help combat climate change, as reflected in the Change to Green campaign.

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