Big-tech cleaners reach agreement for salary increases and health insurance

Foto: SEIU United Service Workers West on Facebook

After weeks of protests across the country and a threat of going on strike, the cleaners of companies such as Apple, Pfizer, Netflix and Visa, managed to get them approved a new contract that guarantees a retirement pension, family health insurance, health protections and security from COVID-19 and wages above the minimum.

The context: Members of the SEIU United Workers West union, which represents more than 20,000 janitors in the state of California, voted last August to go on strike with the intention of pressuring employers to negotiate the new contract. public The magazine.

  • The union asked companies to help older workers to retire, since many of them work until old age, despite having health problems, because their salary does not allow them to retire, or make plans to protect themselves.
  • The group of workers also filed charges with the National Labor Relations Board for unfair labor practices within these companies.

What do they say? “During the pandemic we work for the minimum wage. We take care of ourselves, but the companies did not take care of us, and they made us work for a minimum of $ 14 an hour, “said one of the spokespersons for the union group.

  • “I know of co-workers with pre-existing conditions, such as diabetes, who could not afford to lose their health insurance and had to continue at work despite the pandemic,” Guadalupe Ramos, a janitor in Oakland, said in a statement.
  • “Many have been infected with COVID-19, some cleaners have died, and risk their lives because they have no other option,” denounced the union of cleaners.

Main source of the news: More Perfect Union Twitter account

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